Horseback and on-foot travel


There’s a good sound for wagon and cart travelling, and some good horse noises (neighing etc), but I couldn’t find a good “horse walking or trotting” sound to cover travelling by horseback.

On a similar note, if a party is travelling on foot, it would be good to have “walking” sounds - there’s a nice “footsteps on gravel” but that is a lot more ominous, and slow, than someone walking on a journey.


For walking along, I recommend Fighter - Male (Valeros), Rogue - Female (Merisiel), Cleric Spells (Kyra), and Wizard Spell (Erzan) - These four soundsets have basic running and walking sounds, along with sounds of light and heavy armor creaking/swishing/jingling.

Alas there is not yet a steady horseback rider/walker/galloper sound.


Thank you very much for the suggestions, and super-quick response! I’ve now got a pretty decent ‘walking’ mood by combining a number of those you suggested - they do walk at a pretty slow pace, but combining them with different offsets sounds like a number of people walking at a decent pace. The samples sound very ‘echo-y’ though - great for a dungeon, less so for outside in the wilderness (and yep, I did change the reverb setting to an outdoor one, but I think the echo is built in to the samples). Much better than the single, footsteps on gravel, though - thank you.

Shame about the horse trotting. I’m sure it is coming along sometime. There’s some good horse trotting as part of the wagon cart, but it’s built in to the sample.

Thanks again.


I am actually gathering samples for horseback riding and stuff. It is not easy though to get DECENT recordings, because… Horses. But I am on it!
As for the reverb settings - set the reverb to off and reduce the distance to 0 or 1m. That can help.


I could use this too. In The One Ring, PCs travel by boat (River Journey comes in handy here), foot, or with ponies.