Horror soundset - RESOLVED


Hi !
I have a question : i’m owner of a full subscript and in want the horror soundset but it seem i have to buy this soundset… Horror is not a part of the full subscrition ?
Thank for the good work.


We don’t have a soundset called horror, which soundset are you having problems with?

As a SuperSyrin subscriber you have access to ALL of our soundsets, including Community Content and previews :slight_smile:


Do you mean Elements - Horror? Or Spooky? You might have just been looking under the wrong name. :grey_question:


Sorry i mean thé Chtullu soundset (Its in the horror menu)


All of the Cthulhu soundsets are found in the Sci-Fi player. As a SuperSyrin you should have full access to them

BUT you can make SoundSets show in any of the other Players by using the Campaign Manager, found HERE

  1. Make a new Campaign (under the Fantasy Tab)
  2. Add the SoundSets that you want to appear in your campaign
  3. Now go to the All TAB
  4. Add the other SoundSets you want to this Campaign (from the other two players)
  5. Hit reload in the app (or restart) (or wait about 60 seconds)
  6. Now the SoundSet will appear under that Campaign in the app (find it by clicking the All SoundSets tab at the very top left)
  7. And the SoundSets will also appear at the very bottom of the list of SoundSets in the “All” listing AND you’ll be able to keyword search for it too.

Does that help? :slight_smile:


Hi thanks for the quick response but it seem doenst work. I don’t find the horror soundset in my app (windows 10home). I try to make a new campaign but it’s not fuctioning… I drag the soundset but they don’t appears in my campaign. I have load all the soundset i can (In the windows Installed on the all listing) and when i make a research i haven’t the soundset for Chtulhu…
I try whit the name of a soundset ie Chtulhu Rise and nothing too…
Do i have to delete all and reinstall my app ?


There are three different Syrinscape Apps, the Fantasy Player (the brown icon, which I guess is what you are looking in), The Sci-fi Player and the Boardgame Player.

ALL of the Call of Cthulhu sets are found in the Sci-fi player (the blue icon), you won’t see them if you are looking in the Fantasy App. Also make sure you are searching for the soundset by it’s correct name, there is no soundset called “horror” so searching for that wont bring up any results,

If you open the Sci-fi app and search for cthulhu rises it will appear in the left hand list. As you are a SuperSyrin when you click it you should have the option to install. If you didn not have access to the set it would still show up but tell you that you need to purchase it.

Here’s a link to install the Sci-fi Player if you don’t yet have it installed :slight_smile: