Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Please!)


I was wanting to bring up the possibility of having a sound set for HotDQ. This topic hasn’t been addressed in a while, so I thought I would try it again.

I am currently running HotDQ and it sure would be nice to have a labeled sound set just for HotDQ and its chapters. I know, I know… this is one of the least popular and least fun to run and play in. But, I have come up with a lot of twists for my players that take a lot of that away and put fun into this module. The only problem is… there is no Syrinscape sound set for it.

Yes, yes, I know, I can get individual sounds as needed, but that is very time consuming and a real pain. Most of the other modules have their own sets. I would really like to se HotDQ have it’s own sound set for those of us who still are running or will run this module.

Syrinscape, please consider making this available (even if it is just the same sounds that are already in use, as long as they are in their own sound set and chapters).



This would be the perfect soundset for someone to build as Community Content :slight_smile:

Currently, as official D&D soundsets we are working on Baldur’s Gate: Decent into Avernus and the remaining chapters of Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage. Once those are done we will be looking at other adventures to build content for but that’s based on a few things, including how popular an adventure is. The more people request a soundset the more likely it is that it’s one we will look at. At the moment very few people have asked for HotDQ. The more people that ask, the more popular we know it will be :slight_smile:


I would say Hoard + Rise, not just the first part.


I actually just started working on a campaign for this as well, but have only built a community soundset for the first chapter, Greenest in Flames. As I get to prep for the next chapters I’ll try to build more out and add them to this campaign.


Looks like the set is still in pending approval, though. Of course, I’m not sure how it works since I just recently signed up and did the supersubscriber thing; I suspect you’d also need to be a supersubscriber since it’s just using bits from other soundsets.


Am I supposed to be able to subscribe to the “Greenset in Flames” one? If so it’s not showing up in my campaigns, though.


Last I checked it was still “pending approval.” I have no idea how long that generally takes.


I second this wanting of a soundset!