High DPI scaling in Windows - FIXED


it seems to me that the Windows application does not utilize dpi scaling.
Text and buttons are terribly small when using high resolution devices like the Microsoft Surface 4.
Of course you can set the screen to a lower resolution, but that comes with disadvantages, too.
It would be nice to have scaling enabled in the app.

Greetings from Germany


Nevermind, found the scaling setting.
Please delete this thread as I don’t know how to.


he he!

I like these things that get fixed before i can even get to them! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Do keep asking questions, especially if you are going to answer them yourself!


The Scaling isn’t saved though :frowning: therefore I wouldn’t consider it fully fixed @benjamin


Fair point.

The next build of the Players includes saving a default scaling.



Yea :smile: its no big deal to set it manually. I am definitely looking forward to the new version though.


I will jump in and necro this thread for my own question regarding scaling…

I used the scaling option but still, it´s terribly small.
Currently I´m running my desktop PC at 2560*1440p resolution and even with maxed out scaling in Syrinscape it´s wayyyyy to small.

How to fix that?
Just got a super syrin subscription active just to see that I really can´t use it without pinching my eyes.


This seems odd… Can you make a Screenshot of the setting page? With scaling set to 200%, there should be a noticeable effect.

Also - what is your setup, especially the graphics card? Maybe it is something unrelated to Syrinscape itself.


These are screenshots of DPI scaling set to 80% (minimum setting to get closer to your native resolution) and to 130% (to set an example on how the UI SHOULD change if you utilize the settings.)

If you don’t get any results from within the app, i suggest checking out the Windows settings from the second pair of screenshots. With the settings depicted there, the UI settings within Syrinscape work flawlessly.

If neither tip is helpful, there might be an unknown bug in the UI scaling and you should email this to support at syrinscape dot com so it can be looked into.


Working for you now? :slight_smile: