Heroes journey - Some exciting news!


We are thrilled to announce Syrinscape is creating the Official sounds of the legendary Dungeons & Dragons RPG! Follow along the #heroesjourney today and tomorrow on Facebook and Twitter as we record with the D&D team, live from Wizards of the Coast!


Congrats guys! :smiley: Fantastic news to hear!

Soundsets for 5E products

This is awesome news. First Call of Cthulhu and now D&D, a great year so far!

Any more surprises coming our way later this year? :wink:


Haha thanks! Yep expect a LOT of new Soundsets to be announced soon, stuff we obviously couldn’t put on the original schedule :grin:


Wait… what!!! That is amazing news! Congrats!


Thanks @lordgwydione! Ben is over there with them right now collecting voices and beastie roars, what better way to collect the first official sounds of DnD than direct from the dragons mouth itself as it were :grin:

You could say we are a bit excited!!


Yeah, I’m now following the twitter feed even more religiously! I was tied up yesterday and missed all the excitement. I love the twitter splash page/tease and can’t wait to listen to the Dragon Talk podcast with Ben and Jenny from yesterday as soon as I can!


Congratz, guys! Seems like a perfect fit if you ask me. :smile:


/me is putting on hold all soundsets ideas waiting for the first announcements :rofl:

I really hope that Tomb of Annihilation is on your list, but this is great news anyway, congratulations!