Here's Dulux - I'm back!

Hey All,

After a couple of years of intense medical situations - including receiving a new kidney transplant - I’m back, bigger, brighter, and LOUDER than before.

I’ve re-vamped my Twitch, YouTube, Discord, and Patreon Pages - including new custom artwork, and a new online Store (Coming Soon™) - just search for ‘duluxoz’ if you’re interested - and started developing again on a new VTT (Foundry), including porting over my famous DOEs (including the Syrinscape SoundLink DOE).

So, expect to see (and hear) a lot more of my in the weeks, months, and years to come.




Whoo! Congrats on rolling high on your Fort save! Glad to see you!

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Wait, what!!!??? You ported over your DOEs to Foundry (or maybe in process). That is awesome! I can’t wait to see as I’ve been starting to set up a SotDL table in Foundry. Going over there now to see if I can find you.

Welcome back! You were missed…

Oh… And just became a Patron of yours… Great to have you back!

Heya @Dulux_Oz

Great to have you back1 :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Foundry is CRYING OUT for a decent Syrinscape integration! I reckon you’ll be a popular man if you can get that going!

Will it be for both Offline and Online Players?

Let us know if you need any help with deets of how things are working…


Thanks everyone,

Yes, I will be porting all (most?) of my DOEs over to FVTT in the coming weeks/months (how long depends upon how much time I can spend on it = how much time I have to spend earning a living ie the more Patreon Support I can get, the less time I have to spend not coding - hint hint :innocent: :joy: ).

And yes I intend to do something about Sysrinscape/FVTT integration - so stay tuned.

@benjamin I’ll definitely be in touch.

@lordgwydione Thanks, really do appreciate it.



Welcome back @Dulux_Oz, good to have you back :grin:

Glad to hear that your health is looking better as well!

Actually, I can’t remember…

Did you Syrinscape extension work for the Online Player in the end… @Dulux_Oz?

The extension I am using in Fantasy Grounds has a version for both versions…

NOTE: depending on what you can do in Foundry you may be able to get MUCH more useful control through the Online Player, including setting Element Volumes and all sorts of fun stuff.

I can send you some info to start you off in the right direction if need be.

@benjamin Yes please

Glad to see you are back Dulux. We definitely missed you!!

Thanks Dax :slightly_smiling_face:


NOTE: users can now download a complete list of every Remote Control Links accessible to them (including all their private content) form within the Online Player Master UI (under the hamburger menu at the top right).

This list csv can then be imported to populate menus etc inside any VTT.

I also recommend taking a look at what the Master UI is doing to control, MOODs starting and stopping, ELEMENTS starting and stopping, Volumes being set, OneShots being triggered.

Depending on what types of URL calls you are able to make from within your VTT of choice, just about anything the Master UI can do, can be controlled remotely by a 3rd party. For example, that info re SoundSets, Elements etc accessible to a user (the cvs) can be called through the API, including art assets for OneShots and cool stuff like that.

Hope that all makes sense and is useful.

Ask more questions as you need. :robot: :gun: :chopsticks: :hammer:

I’m anxiously awaiting for this @Dulux_Oz! I am familiar with the work you did with Fantasy Grounds, while I only know about 1% of what happened, I’m glad to see you back and I appreciate the time you’ve put into everything you’ve done. Thank you. I do try to catch your streams on Twitch when I can. If you see Talley Darkstar say hey, that’s me.

Hey Talley,

I never realised that Talley Darkstar = GM_Cody_D - nice to make that connection :smile:

Thanks for the kind words.

So, a good way to stay on top of where things are from me is to check out my Patreon page ( I do an update post every Friday(-ish), and of course, actually becoming a patron provides other benefits as well (and helps me get things done faster because I don’t have to spend time doing other, non-RPG stuff like earning a living).

I’ll keep an eye on the Twitch Chat for you, and you (and others) can always catch up with old episodes on YouTube.