Help With One Shot Sounds


So I am having a few issues with Syrinscape.

  1. My current moods randomly deleted. I do not have anything set to clear cache, but they disappeared and I had to recreate them all.

  2. How do I move the various one shots I would like to use into a playlist for my game?

–I did go online and google and then found something that mentioned a Syrinscape creature. After much digging I found a link to this tool,(it was not on my navigation like it said it should be when logged in.)

I opened the tool and it had a warning about not being able to hear and downloading syrinscape online tool to hear things.

I don’t run my games using syrinscape online, I feed everything through and voicemeeter banana so my players don’t have to log into a million different locations.

Is there a way inside the syrinscape player that I can create custom one shot sound lists for my games? Can I perhaps add them to the universal ones that are always showing and delete unwanted things from that box ex: taser sound in a medieval game…

Any help would be much appreciated.


If you are a SuperSyrin subscriber, you can use Syrinscape Online to create a new soundset and copy any oneshots you like into that soundset. You can also set any of those oneshots to be global or not.

You can then download and install your custom (private) soundset into the Fantasy player to use just as you do now.

Note that the global oneshots list in the Fantasy Player is populated from all installed soundsets. If you want to remove some particular global oneshots, you’ll need to uninstall the soundset that provided them.