Help with categorizing & managing

Hi guys,

Just bought the subscription, any advice for managing your many, many soundscapes?

I will be using Syrinscape for a game in a week, and I’ll want to be able to switch between 2-3 soundscapes on the fly.

Right now the only way I see is to literally write down the names of the ones I’m using, and then typing them in the searchbar.

Thank you :slight_smile:

[Edit, added the picture]

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There is a thread on here (I’m on mobile and can’t get at it easily) called “generic campaigns to get you organized” that has the Soundsets organized by theme, type, or AP/module. You can also make your own custom campaigns on the Syrinscape website!

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Thanks Cook!

I thought that there had to be something like that, awesome.
Will google all of those things :slight_smile:

To be blunt, yes, you need to write everything down and remember it. This has been an ongoing issue for years.

Further, a search result doesn’t tell you if the result is in the Mood, Element, or anything else.

If you do make your own soundset, there is nothing telling you what is currently playing or where it is. Write it all down. There is no way to get back to it, no breadcrumbs, or any shortcuts.

Damn… going to unsubscribe

Hey @palundgreen,

Don’t unsub, reach out for help… there’s a lot more than grumpy @evildmguy suggests… :smiley:

Our brand new shiny SEARCH is about to hit a beta test… interested in being a part of that?

Umm… just checking… do you know about the Campaign Manager!!!

Looks like you need to dive into the “pro tips” category in the forums here… in a BIG way! :smiley:

And ask some more questions…

No I didn’t know about the campaign manager.
I found it and created the campaign which I want to use tomorrow.

But I can’t find the campaign in the player? [I checked and yes the campaign is the fantasy one].

So I’m free to open the online beta, which has my campaign saved, which of course doesn’t play music.

So I guess my question would be, how do I use my campaign? Can it only be used via the online player? in that case it wouldn’t do anything for me, as my game is in person, and not online.

Ok, top left of the Fantasy player, where it says “all soundsets”. Click on that, and your campaign should be listed in the drop-down menu.


Wow thanks HECook, that kinda solved all my problems :slight_smile:

It might be me who’s just dumb, but maybe this should have a rework or a guide ? :slight_smile:


As Holly says, yes at the top left of the Fantasy Player.

For setting up the Online Player, take a look carefully at the instructions and video on this page:

I also recommended taking a look at these two videos, to get yourself up to speed with Syrinscape in general,
And definitely this one too:

Check out all that and then ask some more questions.

We can get you going with everything you need.

As for your sub, you’ll still have full access until your sub expires, and after that you can resub, if you like.

Enjoy all the noise!

I’m super excited to hear about a new search function. Let me know where to sign up for the beta when it hits.

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I’ve been playing with it for the last 3 hours… it is a BIG improvement! :pizza: :beer: :trophy:

New Search is in public beta, yay! :partying_face: You should be able to jump only your profile page and opt yourself in! Let us know how it goes for you :slight_smile:

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