Help Needed: The River of Sand


Hello, you wise earfulfilling sirens,

On Saturday I’m running Richard Pett’s Grimalkin adventure, set in the Southlands city of Per-Bastet. There is a quarter-mile wide river flowing through Per-Bastet consisting entirely of sand, and the sound of said river is described as a rumbling roar, sometimes scraping & growling, but often resembling a deep satisfied purr. (Per-Bastet is a city dedicated to Bastet, the cat goddess.) Is there anything in any set that might approximate this?

Also, I’m bound to need while the party is adventuring here the sound of a LOT of cats, because are everywhere in this city. Is there any too many cats sort of a sound in any of the sets?

I’m a Fantasy level subscriber but don’t have access to the Creator.


The Thrushmoor set has a “cats” element that may be to your liking. And Sins of the Saviors parts 5&6 has a cat one-shot for more feline sounds. That set also has two elements, “disturbed animals” and “disturbed animals (more)” which are felines moving about and occasionally knocking things over.

For the river of sand itself, the Natural Disasters set in the Sci-Fi set has a “earthquake rumble” sound that, turned low, might give you one element of what you’re looking for. Adding in some of Desert’s various sandy winds, Dragon Battle’s claw scratches, roars, or even the deep breathing of a sleeping dragon might give your river of sand the sound it needs!

I hope that helps!


Thanks so much as always, HECook. I envy your ability to recall all of the Syrinscape elements . . .


So do we! @HECook is amazing :wink: