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I haven’t found any documentation on the Fantasy or Sci-Fi Players anywhere. I eventually found some YouTube videos but that was much harder that I would have expected. While the videos where somewhat helpful, I didn’t find anything that explained the interface. For me this was a barrier that almost ended my Syrinscape experience and I wonder how many others had the same experience but just silently left.


There are a couple of “How to Use Syrinscape” Videos. One here: And one here: (Both of these are little older)

Were either of those ones you found, or if you did find them, were they useful to you?

If they weren’t explaining enough for you, what specifically needs to be explained more? I’m not part of Syrinscape’s staff, but I have written how-to guides for programs at work as well as gaming rules for game days, so I might be able to put together something for the community.


Thank you for the help but this was a suggestion not a request for help. I get that the product is basically just one guy doing the work and because of this he has to be very careful what he spends his time on. I’m just suggesting that the lack of documentation is likely hurting his product. Most people will just move on without a word. There isn’t even flyover help.


I understand the frustration that there isn’t an official document. I was suggesting that if we can collate enough information and put one together through the community, it might be something Ben would be willing to adopt (or adapt). Or at least there would be something available here for future users, if it isn’t a practical addition (at present) to put it in the Players.


Hi @leigh_mcrae Ben has produced several videos to explain how the Players and the Syrinscape Soundset Creator work, links to these can be found in the ProTips catagory of the forum. There are also guides and instructions there for how to get the most out of Syrinscape and our products. Our FAQ also has lots of helpful advice and directs people to the help videos.

Just as a side point typing “How to use Syrinscape” into google links you straight to all of these guides so you don’t even need to read through the Protips and FAQ

Is there anything in particular that you are struggling with? As @HECook has said it’s a friendly community and if you can’t find the answer to something one of us can always help :smile:


Thanks for suggestions @leigh_mcrae and thanks for helping so far everyone else. :smile:

Any solution we can come up to get people and easier start/takeoff with Syrinscape the better.

Really good videos? Presented more obviously somewhere?

An actual text document (I suspect this might not be so useful for most people).

Hoverover text on first run (expensive to implement = we are spending all our dev money on more shiny things atm)

Other ideas?


Why bother suggest if your reply is basically that there isn’t a problem? Here is an example for you. I want to play the sound of a Star Trek(ish) door opening for my Iron Gods campaign. After much searching I discovered I need to use the Sound Set Creator. Fine. I then watched the following video:

So I want to search all the sound sets for ‘door’. The video shows you searching for Ezren at about 1min but I have no idea how you got that entry field to show in the top right. I did see that under the Library tab that there is a ‘Start typing to search’ but I suspect it’s only for loaded sound sets. So after pixel hunting for your ‘shiny things’ I decided to come here and rant.

This has to be a very common use case I would think. So it’s surprising it’s this hard. You know to search for Ezren because you know it’s there and what it is. This is the problem with all your help. You explain stuff as if people are already experts and know all about your system. I simply want a door sound, where is it? I could play one offs in Audacity at this point.

BTW I was suggesting a simple tool-tips with the flyover help, not a first time walk through tutorial. When your mouse is hovering over a control that does something, show a brief description of what the control does in a popup or even in a status-bar.


Hi @leigh_mcrae

I didn’t mean to suggest for a moment that there isn’t a problem. I am seriously asking for a discussion on what would be most helpful for new users. And you have a useful perspective.

So, yes, let’s discuss what would be most useful.

One BIG thing, with the new Master/Minion setup is that you won’t need to download/install SoundSets/Moods/Samples to be able to search for their existence on the server. Everything will be totally available straight away (because the player will be connected directly to the server. So that should definitely help.

Also (for example)

  1. Hover requires dev… which costs money and delays other things…
  2. But if a discussion here, from a number of people, mounted a good argument that that would be super useful to people then it becomes a higher priority.

Also note: finding things was never a problem when we had relatively little content and has become harder and harder as the mountain of goodness has grown… so it’s kind of a new(ish) issue. That said, there are amazing people here on the forums who seem to enjoy helping find out good sounds for stuff.

@HECook example seems to have a near encyclopedic knowledge of where all the sounds are in Syrinscape. :smile:

All makes sense?


Quick aside, @leigh_mcrae if you’re looking for Star Trek-style door openings, go to Sci-Fi Player’s Star Island. There are a pair of one-shots that are just the sounds you need.


Perfect. Thanks Cook!


The lack of a manual is also a big problem for me. When I look in the protips forum, protips 1-2, 5-8, and 10 are missing.

And I still have no idea how to do a “Find” in the Soundscape Creator. When I type, nothing happens. How do you get that line edit popup on the top right to appear?


Hey @rustyw
Just ask questions here. :slight_smile: Lots of nice people here happy to help.

Have you seen the extensive YouTube tutorials about the Creator?


And all of the ProTips are here, 1-31. As people comment on them they get knocked out of order but they are all on that page :slight_smile:


I have been watching the tutorials, and while they’re useful, they’re a laborious way to find a particular piece of information. However, the forum searching has been working out for me, so I’m now mostly up and running. :slight_smile:

Also, Steve, you’re correct, all of the Protips are there. I scanned through, assuming they were sorted from latest to oldest, and didn’t realize there are just a handful of the tips that appear randomly throughout the list.