HELP! Cant purchase throught Paypal! And I have a session TODAY!

I’ve used your services for a couple of years now and sadly I can only purchase vouchers, because PayPal is having some issues with the regular way of getting a subscription.

I’ve purchased the Server Storage access option because I hoped it’ll grant me access AND the option to edit my old custom soundsets without buying all the other soundsets available(and saving some money). But I cant, unfortunately… (its on me for not reading)

But. Now I’ve tried upgrading to the full subscription, paying an extra 11 dollars. But I cant do it through Paypal… And I cant “upgrade” though the voucher option. I’d have to pay for 2 entire months AGAIN, any ways to upgrade without paying 21 dollars again, through Paypal?.

Sorry for the prob.

I have jumped on your account and deleted the server sub completely… so now you should be able to buy a new Voucher.

Get that done and then send the transaction ID of the first payment to support at syrinscape dot com and I’ll get that refunded.

Note, for the quickest response when you need help that support email may suit you better than the forums here. :slight_smile:

Either way, THANK YOU for your support as a sub, you are part of keeping the cogs turning here at Syrinscape!

Game on!