Hell: Ribway causing crash


After 10 or so seconds of listening to the Ribway mood under the Hell soundset, Syrinscape restarts. There is no error message and I don’t seem to be able to replicate the error on other soundsets or even moods under Hell.

I have cleared the Hell soundset data and reinstalled it but am still having the same issue. I have tried playing other moods for a while then trying Ribway and it restarts as predicted. I haven’t yet completely uninstalled the app and reinstalled it because I’m not sure if that would make a difference.

I am using a Microsoft Pixel 2.

Can anyone help? I’m really looking for a firey sound for my upcoming game and Ribway is perfect.


There is a bug in Hell somewhere, but it is REALLY HARD to trace, as it isn’t happening on all platforms and hard to reproduce. We are working on that. For the time being, here is what you can try.

When starting the Ribway mood, stop the elements “Magical resonance weird” and “Mediative presence”. As you are aiming for the fiery sounds anyway, those two missing elements won’t be missed. Then go the the bottom of the moods, hit plus and safe the current playing elements as a new mood you can trigger.

Does this help for now?


Man! If someone can find a playback config that definitely DOES crash Syrinscape and one that doesn’t for this SoundSet (And the Hell SoundSet) we will literally buy you beers if we can track you down!!!

Let us know how you go!

Here are your motivational beer emojis… :beers: :beer:


Perfect. That works nicely. Thanks so much.


I’m always up for a bug chasing adventure; heck, it’s what I do at RPTools anyway, so I’m really good at it at this point. :desktop_computer:🦠:mag_right::eyes:

What do we know so far? You mention some platforms @new_vision - please let me know.


I got it to crash on my iPad Pro. I sent the crash log to support.


Thanks for the report @dorpond, I’ll get that forwarded to @sonofconan and the dev team to take a look at :grin: