Having to purchase Starfinder sound sets seperately


Ok I am in for the 10 dollars a month great service - why are you charging for Starfinder sets seperately - and 90 bucs even on sale…


The Starfinder sets are included in the Sci-Fi adventure path sub. If you subscribe to either Sci-fi or are a Supersyrin then you have access to ALL of our Sci-fi content including Starfinder. What would make you think you didn’t?


It gives me a link to the store


So the tab is blackened - for the Garagakal Battle and when clicked on it it pops up an advert for what it is with a link to the store to purchase it



Garaggakal has been made live to subscribers but NOT for individual purchasers… at least that’s what the settings i set are supposed to do.

You are a SuperSub, right, so you should be able to install. Are you logged in with THIS user name into the Sci-fi Player?

All the other Starfinder content should def be visible to you in the Sci-fi Player. maybe contact us on support at syrinscape dot com and well have a look more closely at what might be wrong. :smile:


yes I am grundvarg@gmail.com

Thank you


Is all the normal Starfinder content available for your to install and use in the Sci-fi Player?


In fact ALL Sci-fi content (except the ONE you are having trouble with?)