Having issues getting my laptop blessed - RESOLVED


Can’t seem to get my laptop blessed. I have removed it and blessed it a few times. It shows up in my devices as blessed but the software keeps popping up with “Bless this device”. Not sure how to resolve.


Hammer of goblin smashing deployed :slight_smile:

Is it working for you now?


Yes it is working now. Thank you.


I’m having the same issue but on my iPad :confused:



Working for you now @joseph_a_russell?


I seem to be having the same issue blessing my kind!e fire via the Android app, I show its added, but the app keeps telling me to bless it…


How about now @onelongaddress? :slight_smile:


Yes…it is blessed now.thank you


I have been forsaken by the Syrinscape gods, their blessings will not reach my computer!


@therverian can you visit this page https://syrinscape.com/account/devices/ and unbless any existing devices, then try again with your computer that won’t bless?


It worked, after removing all devices it automatically blessed me. Thank you.