Hard to find the right sounds


@sonofconan are you talking about the thick client or the online client’s hamburger menu, and are the links the same on both platforms?


@macdork The CSV download link is in the online player. It includes genre player (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) AND online player links. The links are different.



Using the CSV I created a script which builds my FG module in seconds. It’s working very well thanks to @sonofconan


I’m doing something very similar, except I am using a script to output a module with links that dont require DOE to trigger them. Having that CSV was a major game changer.


@mattekure how it works?


THANKS to the people working on these integrations. :smiley:

My own personal request would be to ensure that the Online Player is the primary focus for NEW integrations in Fantasy Grounds, as there are numerous advantages to people using Syrinscape for remote gaming.

  1. No need for people to download content in advance
  2. No need for Players to ALL have subscriptions
  3. new features coming = ability for Players to trigger their own Spells sounds and have these sounds blended into the stream for everyone


I began working on a Fantasy Grounds solution last week and today I was finally able to complete my work on implementing an extension that allows me to use Syrinscape Online from within Fantasy Grounds. The links work great, and I have tested with several other DMs who use Syrinscape and its worked for them as well. Its easy to link the sounds into story entries to trigger manually whenever you want, or to make little sound boards collecting the sounds you want into one place.

My initial work requires a special module I created with the sound links imported from my CSV export (I am a supersyrin subscriber so I have all the links except for custom sounds people create). My next features I am working to develop is to allow the DM to import their own CSV file and immediately have access to all of their sounds. I also plan on developing the ability to auto trigger sounds when spells are cast or things like a critical hit occur.

I would love to demonstrate sometime.

Thank you so much for the support you are showing the community, having the syrinscape-online protocol handler and the CSV export has made this whole development process so much easier.