Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!

What are some of your TTRPG related goals for this year? Will you be DMing your first game? Trying out a new RPG? Making yor own custom Syrinscape SoundSets for the first time? Are you launching a Kickstarter?
Whatever your goals are this year, I’d love to know.

My goals: I just want to play more oneshots (I find it difficult to make time for an ongoing campaign. I’m that nightmare player who never had a free slot in their diary) and explore new RPG’s I haven’t tried before. I also hope I can travel to more conventions this year if it’s safe to.

Also, did anyone get any cool TTRPG gifts this Christmas?

I actually got some cool stuff I hadn’t expected which has led me to trying out 2 new RPG’s over the holidays. I played my first game of Vampire the Masquerade and I got some really cool, blood red dice in a coffin dice box for Christmas. We did a special NYE oneshot that World of Darkness were giving away from free this year. It was a complete massacre but it was a fun way to spend NYE.

We also played Colostle which is more like a world-building, story-telling, journalling RPG in the vast world of Colostle and you draw from a deck of cards which determines what you encounter on that day of exploration and you basically make up the story as you go. It’s really different but I really like it so far. It’s designed for solo-play but they also have 2-player rules. I also got some new Fighting Fantasy minis to paint. Not that I have much time for mini painting unfortunately :frowning: I have so many waiting for paint.

I’d love to know what you got or what you played over the holidays :slight_smile:

TLDR: Let me know your TTRPG related goals for 2022 and share with me any cool TTRPG stuff you got for Christmas or tell me what you played over the holidays :slight_smile:

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Happy New Year to you @Vicki and everyone else. Last year after a decades long break from RPGs I returned to GMing with Cyberpunk Red. It’s been really great to get back into things with a system that’s new to me and with a group of mostly new players (only one has played before), but what’s most fun, and relates to the topic of the thread is that with this group who are more mature we get to do really intense character-based roleplaying, unlike with my former childhood team who basically spent their time murdering through WHFRPG and Traveller worlds (which was fun and all, but a wee bit limited). I have this beautiful campaign planned, full of political intrigue going from the grimiest gutters to the most corrupt corporate boardrooms which is going to really test the characters skills and emotions. So I guess my ambition is to use my extra few years and a group who are new, eager and mature while not weighed down by experience and expectation to create something really immersive, completely epic and far more satisfying for us all. It’s the first time I really feel I have a handle on where the campaign is headed and damn, am I enjoying myself!

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That’s fantastic to hear! I haven’t played Cyberpunk RED. Most of my knowledge of the TTRPG comes from our show and I think I’d like to give it a go at some point. I think I probably have too many TTRPG’s going on at the moment and far too many characters.

I got the Cyberpunk video game for Christmas though so Im easing into the world that way but I feel certain I’ll give Cyberpunk RED a go at some point this year, even if it’s a one shot.

I’m so glad your passion has been reignited.

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I purchased a Gameboard for myself as a christmas gift. Probably still a few months away from getting it. Looks really cool. Give the audio functionality in it, it would be awesome if Syrinscape partnered with them… :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to try it out once I receive it!

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Oh amazing! Thats a cool piece of kit. You’ll have to send us a pic when it’s arrived and it’s all set up. I’d love to see what you do with it.

Happy New Year, @Vicki and all!

I am running two remote games. One was local but we decided to go remote again due to many things. I had been using d20Pro as a VTT and I still like it, and the devs, but I switched to Foundry. We used that last night and really liked what it could do. So, one goal is to get the other group on Foundry at some point.

I did become a supersyrin subscriber again and hope to get some customization done for myself. I do have the plug in for Foundry and will see if I can get that to work at some point.

My local players got me some nice swag for Christmas, and a gc for my wife, which I thought was nice. (She doesn’t play but puts up with my two weekly games.) One was a candle from cantrip candles that has a metal d20 at the bottom of it! Then a dice jail but apparently it’s for my dice when I roll to well against them. They also got a figure of me. A DM holding a d20!

Take care!

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