Had my first GM session ever


And they ATE IT UP. 6 players, 4 hours. Played by candlelight, no cell phones. Bought everyone water bottles and unwrapped and plated snacks so no one’s rustling bags of chips. Got the echo plus in the middle of the table with a 2-5 moods per location. It was the best. Everytime I would pull out a new mood or oneshot, they would go wild. A PC tried to steal from a store and I used the blade trap oneshot at full volume and they about jumped out their seat. Spent like 40 hours in the online editor and I don’t regret a thing. Big shoutout to @benjamin for setting my globals. I don’t even say hit or my miss, my players know by the sound of their weapons whizzing by or drawing blood.
Gsh I love this software.


Awesome to hear (pun intended) :grin:



This is really lovely feedback. :slight_smile: Quite a nice early Xmas present.

This sort of thing encourages us all here to work super harder and harder to keep making great stuff for everybody!