Gwydione's 12 hr Charity Stream

Hey, guys. Wasn’t sure where to post this so I decided this might be the best place. Mods, feel free to move! I’m going to be running a charity stream next Thursday December 13th from 5:00 pm MT until 5:00 am. I have a tiltify campaign set up to accept donations. The charity is CancerSupportCommunity. This year, a non-profit I was on the board of,, combined with them. They help cancer patients easily connect with friends and family to receive social, emotional, and practical support throughout their cancer journey. This is very important to me as my sister died of cancer nearly 20 yrs ago at the age of 35 and it was very challenging to keep family/friends informed with how she was doing, what support she needed, etc. My mom did so much on her own.

I’d love this community’s help in getting the word out about this stream. I promise its not a publicity event to get more subs or anything, I have a goal to raise $5,000 of which I will match all of it dollar for dollar. So, $10,000 is the goal! I’ve got over 50 on-stream giveaways already lined up from the following wonderful people/publishers/authors/companies:

Ambient Realms
AAW Games
The Arcane Library
Rob Twohy
Playground Adventures
P.B. Publishing
Jeff C Stevens
The World of Farland

For anyone interested in donating, my tiltify campaign is here:

Donations can be made anytime from now until the end of the stream on 12/14 at 5:00 am MT. I’ll match everything collected up to $5,000 until then. Whether you just want to stop by for a bit and help me stay awake, if you’d like to donate, forward this on to someone you think might want to attend the stream or whatever, its all appreciated.

I will be starting the stream by running a group through Rogue Wizard by AAW Games (5e adventure). I will then be running myself through all of the solo adventures available on FG for the rest of the stream.

If anyone wants more info or wants to chat, please join my discord channel and pm me there:'s%20Charity%20stream%20promo

I’ve attached a promotional image to this message. Please help me get the word out. Thanks for considering and reading this! And thanks to Ben and Steve for contributing to our giveaways! They were very generous!

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We were more than happy to get involved and help out! Hope that the stream all goes well, I’ll definitely swing by :slight_smile:

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If you are looking to support a great cause and be in with a chance of winning lots of great loot, including Syrinscape goodies then be sure to tune into Lord Gwydione’s 12-hour charity stream today at 17:00 MT. The stream is in support of Cancer Support Community helping cancer patients easily connect with friends and family to receive social, emotional, and practical support throughout their cancer journey

Good luck with the show today @lordgwydione, on behalf of all of us at Syrinscape we wish you the best of luck!