Guitar strum element


Hi all,

New to this, but in it for the long haul!

I’m looking for an element of a guitar strum. Going to have a bard blabbering on, and I want to play a strum at the end of every line he recites.

Does something like this exist? Is there a way to search for something like this more effectively in the future.



Not an acoustic guitar strum, unfortunately. There are a few bard songs (Bridle Town, Friendly Tavern, Tavern Brawl, Seedy Tavern, and others), but no acoustic guitar stings. There are several epic/horror stings (if you search under Musical Stabs, Epic Note, or Dramatic Note, they’re in about a dozen+ sets), but those are multi-instrument stabs. There are electric guitar licks in the Avernus set, if you like, but those are more Metal.

One that might somewhat suit is Seedy Tavern, the element Drunken Bard. While not a one-shot, you could turn it on/off quickly after each line and have a few plucked acoustic notes. Would that serve?


You’re awesome. Thanks for the suggestions.


I mean it is super easy to record and integrate it if you are a Supersyrin subscriber. If you want to I can record some guitar strums and send them to you.


And this is why our community is so awesome! Thanks @HECook and @rattercrash!

Yes, the Creator is fantastic for adding in your own samples. @rattercrash if you are able to add some in then let us know and we can switch them on as Community Content :slight_smile:


You all are great, thank you!

I’d be all bout using your strums @rattercrash.


Just created a little soundset and it is pending publication. There are two longer noodly songs in it (as a music button), 9 different strummed chords, 4 “dramatic” chord progressions, and 5 ripping strings sounds (all as one-shots). Hope it helps to bring your bard to life. I don’t know if the community content thingy keeps the name I gave it, in which case it would be “Jan the Noodling Bard”. (:


One, that’s awesome! Two, Jan the Noodling Bard sounds like his guitar is strung with spaghetti noodles! :smile:


Haha. Could also be a sentient pasta race. A Noodling.


Who worships the Flying Spaghetti Monster? :smile: :wink:


Oh that is SO rad!

It’s mind blowing to be apart of a community with this level of interest and ability with this product. Love it!

Thank you!!


‘Jan the Noodling Bard’ is now available as Community Content in the Fantasy Player for all SuperSyrins! Great bit of Noodling @rattercrash :slight_smile: