Grrrr rage rage fume rant etc, etc


Well that was annoying. My GM-ing notebook’s version of Syrinscape decided to go un-blessed just before the first game of a new campaign coinciding with an (admittedly rare) outage of the Syrinscape server. Cue hasty re-jigging of the room’s audio setup before the players arrived, followed by some clumsy switching between PCs mid-game to run music on the desktop in the corner and the rest of the game from the notebook. Not the smoothest game session I’ve run.

I know it’s not the end of the world, and I know it was just an unlucky combination of events. It’s just very frustrating when a subscription service you’ve been with for ages decides to not be available at exactly the time you need it. So let me vent, OK?


Thank-you. :slight_smile:

(In case anyone’s not getting the tone of the above… it’s mostly tongue in cheek. But there’s a niggling core of “Well Syrinscape let me down this time, maybe I should look into alternatives as a backup plan in case it does it again.”)


Yeah… it was an unusually long outage last ninght. :-/ :-/ :-/

We have an automatic system that literally wakes one of the dev team to fix outages… BUT due to the peculiarity of how this one went, the system didn’t work. We have fixed that now… so… next time!

ALSO: as you know moving our whole server over from Linode to AWS has made various bumps over the last month… which should now ALMOST be completely gone, but you never know.

Mainly, THANK YOU for your support. SORRY for the outage.

In compensation, I offer :lollipop: :pizza:

You doing Gen Con or UKGE or any of the others shows we’ll be at this year… cause then I’ll by you actual literal versions of the above… or beer… beer helps too. :smiley:


Hi Ben
As someone who in his professional life has been on the other side of server outages, I share your pain!


#humble thankful grin#