Group sharing of sounds? - RESOLVED


If I create a bunch of sounds in my SoundSet creator, is it possible to share those with a limited group of other DMs with a SuperSyrin subscription? I game with a small group of DM’s, and we have some sounds that we all want to share/use across each of our campaigns, and would prefer not to have to recreate it on everyones account.


You can propose any soundsets that you build in the Creator to us as Community Content. As long as the soundset only contains sounds and samples that you have the rights to use then we can make the soundset Community Content, which is accessible to all SuperSyrins.

We already have some fantastic Community Content soundsets in the Player and it would be great to get more. Community Content then functions just like any of our original soundsets so you will be able to trigger them just as you do with your current content


Yeah, I am aware of the awesome stuff made and offered by the Community. The stuff I’m thinking of may not be so “community ready” :rofl: running jokes among our group like audio of one player saying “F*** That!!!” or my horrid dwarven rendition of singing the Song of Elturel to the tune of Gilligans Island.