Grimlocks, Krenshar, Dire Boar, Dire Weasels

I’m going to run the Three Faces of Evil adventure from the Age of Worms adventure path and have run into several monsters where I’m not sure what moods to use. I appreciate any suggestions from anyone.

  1. Grimlocks. Obviously I could use orcs or bugbears but these feel spookier and weirder than your average humanoids

  2. Krenshar. Is there anything better than the Tiger Battle? Displacer Beast Battle is too groovy-sounding I think.

  3. Dire Boar. I got nothing for this one.

  4. Dire Weasels. So far, I got no ideas here either.

You could use some sounds from the orc/bugbear battles (weapons, etc) but for some additional sounds of spooky and weird, I recommend the Sub-Terra set from the Sci-Fi player. That has some great cave atmosphere, uneasy sounds, and some odd vocalizations. The Choker Battle from the Fantasy player also has some good sounds too!

For the krenshar - try the Trouble in Kintargo set from Turn of the Torrent from Hell’s Rebels, specifically the Gorefangs battle mood. And then I would use some horror stings from Elements - Horror when the krenshar does its weird face-skinning fear attack.

Dire Boar - you want the set The Scab from Descent into Avernus, specifically the element “nalfeshnee” or even the whole Nalfeshnee battle mood, as nalfeshnee demons are pig-faced demons, so their sounds are those of angry boars. Combine those with some of the ripping sounds from Tiger Battle (for tusk/gore attacks) and you should be golden.

For the dire weasels, how about the Giant Rat battle? That is some great rodent squealing in rage, along with bites, etc.

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Many thanks once again, HECook. Nalfeshnee Fight is so good for this.

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