Gregorian Chants


How many people are still looking for Gregorian chants and organ music? I finally found something that I could make some tracks I just need to save up a bit of money. If people are still interested I will try to get it sooner.


I‘m very interested.


Indeed, that would be mighty nice! Thank you!


I could definitely find a use for that :grin:


The sooner you make the playlist I uploaded CC the sooner you may get to use it then. :wink:


I’ll be back in civilisation again in a few more days, so will be able to get it made live then

Currently sat listening to the authentic sounds of the jungle complete with coconuts and palm trees :grin:


“Steve’s got a lovely bunch of coconuts, deedlie-dee-dee, here they are standing in a row…”


I do have mp3s up on my soundcloud if anyone wants them until they become available on syrinscape.


I got wi-fi! The soundsets should now be showing as live to all Supersyrins

A great collection of music, thanks @davinci522 :slight_smile:


I think I did this right. Tabletop music campaign


A veritable treasure trove of lovely music! Thank you so much @davinci522!


I have plenty more coming too. I’ll try to post whenever it gets updated.