Great Feast Hall


Hello all! Looking for suggestions for some music for a Great Feast Hall. I’m starting with the Friendly Tavern set but want to replace the jaunty music with something suitable for the back ground to epic tale telling. Thoughts?


There are several options available. Vyre Banquet has some formal music, Trollskull Manor has a variety of music (happy, investigative, dark), the community content set Tabletop Music has some great ones (Asgard, A Great Adventure, and others), Tammeraut’s Fate II has some very dramatic, battle-esque music (A-team, explore music), Shadows of Esteren - Derag has some amazing emotional music as well.

I hope these help!


They do! Thank you. Asgard will probably work for my needs right now…but man does Shadows of Esteren have some great stuff in it! I’m going to have to add “OST” to my search routine when looking for music.

Thanks again.


Yay I’m glad some of my music works! I actually really like Asgard myself also. It was a really fun song to make.


Thank you for your contributions!