Going to mix a funeral


I’m going to be running a funeral at sea (well…on a lake.) Any thoughts on a good soundset to start with; particularly for music?

I have found Esteren-Deargh OST. Great stuff in here but I would be remiss if I didn’t try to mine the long memory of those who came before (Thats you guys!) Don’t want to miss anything good.

Thanks all!


Esteren-Deargh is marvelous for melancholy music. Dragon Heist’s Trollskull Manor has several good musical tracks: investigative, suspenseful, and dark may all be of use to you. Stony Beach has waves lapping at pebbles and whatnot, while High Seas has a ship in various states (doldrums, in a brisk wind, in a storm) as well as below deck. For weeping and wailing, Haunted Heart has some, and Elements - Horror has one element called “souls in grief” which has good crying as well. I don’t know who died, but Abandoned Lunatic Asylum has several elements of a woman going, “I love you.” “Mom, I love you” etc.

I don’t know if you’re doing the shrouded corpse over the side of the ship into the sea funeral or the burning-boat Viking type, so I’ll recommend for both. Underwater Dungeon has a one-shot called Splash, which is one big splash, good for a body going into the sea. Elements - Fire has all the fire sounds one could want, and the universal one-shots have bowshots, should you need them.

I hope that helps!


It does Holly, thank you! Time to download them in the player and check them out at my desk to end this boring Friday at the office.


Interestingly enough I settled on a sample Called “Send for the Horses” from an element called Sombre music from mon2 Death of a friend.

Thanks for the suggestions all!