Global Oneshots missing


Sorry for being a total noob, but I have ths super syrinscape subscription, using hte microsoft program and yet I cannot find any global oneshots it seems they are hidden…

see picture below.

Could you help ( ihave tried uninstalling and turning the pc on and off again and it is plugged in)


Global OneShots come with certain SoundSets, which would need to be installed to be active and visible. Steve has a nice summary of some popular ones here:

If you do not have any SoundSets with Global OneShots installed, you will not even see the window, so hopefully installing some of those is all that is required for you to get going. Let me know if that helps, or if there are particular global OneShots you are looking for and can’t find!

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thank you for the quick reaction it worked. :slight_smile:
Sorry for the silly question.

is there a comprehensive list of frantastic global oneshots and where to find them?

Sorry, none that I know of, although with a SuperSyrin subscription you could see them all on the Master Interface and then from there we could try to track down the ones you like for use in the Fantasy Player.