Global one shots duplication - FIXED



I think I the same problem as this post : Duplication of Global One-Shots-FIXED

@benjamin could you help me? :grinning:



HI @maxime_chicault Can you give me a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Hi @benjamin
Sure, here it is. You will notice the last three rows. Almost all the oneshots are marked as copy.
There are also copies that doesn’t show the word “copy” in the title (like the dramatic note)


OK. Fixed this now. :bug::hammer:

Fixed for you? :grinning:


Hi @benjamin
All oneshots with the word (copy) in the title are gone. Thanks!

However, I have two occurrences of almost all oneshots. I guess it’s normal for Yay!, Dah dah dum and others basic stuff (one for fantasy and one for sci-fy).

But I have a lot of sci-fi oneshots duplicates as well like:

  • Airlock open
  • Airlock close
  • Explosion
  • Etc

Is this normal?

EDIT: you seem to have more global oneshots than me in your videos. For example, I saw “Cause fright” in one of your video. Did you edit the default list of global oneshots? How can I do that?


BOOM! :slight_smile:


Thx! :heart: :heart: