Glitches with the Soundset Creator


Some One Shots are showing up with off centered icons. 07%20PM

Also When trying to add a One shot to a mood, checking the “start with mood” box does not save. It reverts back to unchecked. I have tried waiting for the soundset to stop uploading, and quitting the browser and reloading after checking the box. Neither work.


@davinci522 Thanks. I’ve just fixed the oneshot icon positioning.

I was unable to reproduce the problem with “starts with mood”, though. Can you confirm you’re still seeing this, and if so, is it for ALL oneshot elements, or only some?


Unless I am not understanding it, it seems that one shots saving is very finiky. I saved the one shot and it started fine multiple times. Then I saved a new element and the one shot stopped playing. It looks like I have to save mood while the one shot is playing or it will think its not wanted, even if I have “start with mood” checked.

Also, it seems that if you play a music through the element playlist on the property inspector it does not toggle an on/off state. It plays for every time you hit the play button playing over itself.