Glass Cannon Live Track Identify

Good evening, looking for help identifying a track/song/sound set that the Glass Cannon folks are using in their Strange Aeons campaign session 15. You can hear it prominently at 2:16:40. There is what sounds like a nice electric guitar lead in and some subsequent battle music. I’m like 99% sure it’s from Syrinscape. I have the hell’s rebels music already, it didn’t sound like any of those.

If anyone could help me identify it I’d appreciate it!

Ah yes,

That’s one of the tracks I am MOST proud of, my music for the Dragon Heist adventure. The track is called “Power word kill”.

You can find it in most of the Dragon Heist SoundSets (including Vault of Dragons).

Glad it pleases you. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Out of interest @Hyle have you noticed them giving a ShoutOut to Syrinscape in these shows (since I presume you have watched this through)?

They are using Syrinscape REALLY well, but I don’t see credits or a link in the YouTube vid description.

Hi @benjamin, thanks for the response! Verbally they periodically call out Syrinscape. I’m not too sure about how diligent they are in the video descriptions, but I haven’t been looking too hard.

I’ve bought a lot of your products over the past month though particularly because I like GCP, and I am looking to add similar energy to my home games. They have called out Syrinscape as the source and that drove me here :slight_smile: I love the product!