Gladiatorial Arena


I’m looking for a sound set for a gladiatorial arena. Crowd cheering, booing etc. Does this already exist?


Ghosts of Saltmarsh chapter 5, The Final Enemy II has an arena. However it’s underwater so the sounds of the crowd have a distinctive underwater sound.

Alternatively, you could employ several crowd sounds together:

Attack on Sandpoint - happy town life, enjoying the games, happy festival chatter
Waterdeep - raucous crowd I, raucous crowd II, general hubub
Yawning Portal - cheers & boos & ohs & ahs

Then drop in whatever battle music, weapon/armor sounds, and beastie sounds are going on on top of it all!


I hear they used to flood the coliseum sometime…

  • I’ll see myself out…


Ah yes, the spectacle of naval battles! High Seas Battle for that one, perhaps, or the new Kraken set! :smile: