Generic Store/ business sounds


I know there are a couple shop keeper sound sets, but they are lacking in atmospheric sounds, like door bells, items being lightly shifted, walking on carpet and on wood, wood floors that aren’t creaky, pages turning in a book (gently). I find that a lot of sounds are too harsh or intense to keep them going in the background for anything of these things


For flipping pages - how about Library of Arcana? There’s a “flipping pages” element there that’s not too obtrusive. Friendly Tavern has “coins and other stuff” element for people putting down coin or moving objects, “chairs and bumps” might work too. For walking sounds, Valeros - Male Fighter, Ezran - Male Wizard, and Merisiel - Female Rogue all have “walking” elements which sound like footsteps on firm wood or carpet. Deserted Desert House has “something knocked over” element, which, if put down low, sounds more like things being shifted than things being broken. For bells - High Seas has a “ship’s bell” one shot that’s a lot softer than most, and Priest of Razmir has a “temple bell” element that, used sparingly, is a very small bell sound.


Some of those may work, but the page flipping from the Library Arcanum sounds like someone is unfolding the worlds biggest map. If that sound set had some more casual music to it and some better page flipping it would probably fill most of my needs.


How about the “sails luffing” element from High Seas? Turned down quieter and combined with a softer “flipping pages” that might give you a combined sound that’s about right.

And how casual of music are you looking for? There are several music-only sets - Chilled, Moody, Smooth Jazz, Spooky, Circus, that might serve depending on your type of store. Or for something more fantasy, how about the bard music from Brindle Town, turned down a bit so he’s “outside.” The Friendly Tavern music might work too. Or if you don’t like either, some of the music from the Sci-Fi player could be more up your alley.