Generate CSV with soundstring



I’m using Syrinscape with a third party application (FG) and I could use a tool that generates a CSV file from the soundset.

Let me explain. I have to select a mood, copy the soundstring and paste into the FG. But there are a lot which I want. I’ll use a script which gets a CSV (image 1) and inserts it on the FG (image 2).
image 1

image 2

Could you put a button which generate a CSV like that?
Soundset; mood; soundstring

This would be very useful not just for FG for other applications too.

It’ll be possible to create a module for FG with all Syrinscape content linked.


Hey @sonofconan is this something we can do? :slight_smile:


Yes, you can.

I would like a button that I click on the soundset that generates a list like the one below.

With this list I can put in an external program and control the songs through it.

That would be very simple for you to do and would allow many external applications to have control over Syrinscape.

The image below shows an example of the button.

In the image below you can see what I’m doing using Fantasy Grounds and Syrinscape. I put about 300 moods in FG allowing me to trigger them without having to mess with Syrinscape.


If I had the feature I am suggesting I could put much more and other users could do the same with ease.


Just FYI, for $5 you can purchase a module that the creator of the DOE extensions, Dulux-Oz, created. You would have to purchase monthly or perhaps quarterly to keep it current but it has all the moods, oneshot a etc. I purchase it every few months.



Nice tip, but I don’t really need all stuff. I finished my own mod. About 600 links all to my playlist.


Completely understand. I do a lot in fg myself as well.


Nice to know. We can share work.