General purpose audience/crowd


I was recently trying to find/put together a sound set for a crowded mead hall full of revelers in Ysgard after a battle. I wanted to have someone stand and start taking control of the crowd. I needed his audience to go through several moods and realized my options for large groups of people were limited to background noise of a party, a tavern or just a bunch of people screaming.

What I’d really like to see is a soundset where the base noise is people murmuring with moods ranging from bored to excited to angry and oneshots of booing, laughing, gasping, cheering and applause. Is there already something like this that I just missed?


There’s some crowd applause in the Cyberpunk Disco set (in the Sci-Fi player). The “alien crowd” sound there is murmurous. In the Friendly Tavern set the sound “happy rich murmuring” is also about what you’re looking for.

Also in the Fantasy Player, the universal one shots for “ahhh”, “gasp”, “oooo”, “huzzah”, and “yay!” give you crowd sounds of varying emotions. And Seedy Tavern, the “Drunk Criodan” does give you cantankerous yells from one annoyed old man.


There are some cool new, Ooh, ahh, cheers and jeers coming in the Dragon Heist SoundSets too… which might just prove very useful! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the replies. I’ll see what I can do with these resources!