GCP Soundsets only show up on iPad, not PC - Resolved


Title. Able to search and install on an iPad but not my Win10 PC.

Issue is bigger than just GCP. The new PF2 sound-sets did the same things. I uninstalled, deleted all folders, deleted registry entries, rebooted and reinstalled.

The sound-sets now show up, however get an unable to retrieve manifests trying to download any of these. Old sets download fine. Same issue running as administrator.


Same. But I can only see them on the PC, not my laptop.

I’m running Fall of Plaguestone tomorrow and I was counting on those soundsets. My setup doesn’t allow me to use my PC sadly.

EDIT: The soundsets actually show up on my laptop if I’m logged off. Obviously can’t download them though.


Hi @nightpanda2810 and @mihai.sereanu

I’ll give both your accounts a bump to get them to update.

@sonofconan we are getting a few of these calls for help, looks like the server is struggling a bit with all the traffic?


Nice! Thanks for the prompt response. I’ll let you know if it works :slight_smile:

EDIT: Yep, all good. Many thanks!


Able to download now as well, thanks!


Hey @benjamin is this still an issue? I’m trying to find the soundsets and don’t see the ability to download them on my pc. Thanks!


Hmmm… Nothing to see here… Shows up now!


Yay! Yeah with GenCon at the weekend the servers have seen a LOT of traffic so soundsets and subs are taking a little longer to sync through to the app. Now that the show is over and we’re back to keep an eye on things with our mighty hammers of goblin whacking +1 it all seems to be running smoother