Gangster themed 1920's game


Hello people,

I will be running a Call of Cthulhu 1-shot tomorrow set in the 1920’s where my characters play gangsters under the payroll of a local crime boss in Arkham. Do you have any suggestions?
I expect some gunfights, possibly a car chase and in the grand climax of things a sewer encounter with a Wraith.


Whoo-hoo do we have some fun stuff for you! In the Sci-Fi Player, check out Car Chase 1920s, Speakeasy 1920, Grand Hotel 1920, and Insane Asylum 1920! There’s gunfights in 1920 Car Chase, and Speakeasy 1920 has a bar fight. The sewer can be done by Fantasy Player’s Sewer set, and wraith by Fantasy Player’s Wraith Battle!