Game Master Link Fails - But "Play Now" does not

If I enter my game via my Game Master Interface via the account dropdown (or any other way) none of the sounds ever appear in my own tab, and it’s hit or miss for my players.

If I simply click “Play Now” on the main page of the website while logged in, everything functions properly.

What’s up with the Game Master Interface link?

Heya @acdp11,

The link under the dropdown is getting you to the OLDER Online Player solution which required the install and linking of an App (for both GM and players).

The Play Now links you directly to the NEWER Web Player where sound comes straight out of your browser AND you share a link for the same thing to work for your players as well.

Sorry it’s a bit confusing at the moment… we are continuing to support the older Online Player… but that does mean we have two things that look almost identical for the moment. We are looking at doing some styling to help people tell them apart.

In the meantime, does that sort you out? All makes sense?

Let us know, and certainly ask some more questions as you need to. :slight_smile:

Now… GAME ON! :game_die: