Galaxy Tab a7 Lite

I cannot log in from chrome on my Galaxy Tab a7 Lite. I’ve made sure that I have the right email and proper log in info, including case sensitivity, but can not log in. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hiya @MFGameTime,

We can sort you out.

Are you trying to log into the website or one of the apps?

Are you getting a message on the screen? What does it say? Need us to do a manual reset on your password? We can do that via the support email on support at syrinscape dot com.

Gotta get that sound going!

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Thank you! I’m trying to log in to the website

Is it saying “wrong username or password”?

Because if it is saying that then most likely that is the case.

If you grab us on the support email I can check the email you are logging in with etc. :slight_smile:

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You’re logged in here, obviously… whatever you are posting from right now, so we know you have a log in that works. :slight_smile:

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“Please enter a correct email address and password. Note that both fields may be case-sensitive.”.

I have sent an email to the support address. :smiley:

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Hmm… not seeing the support email… :-/

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It’s not your day!

And seriously, if it saying that message then 99.9% you are just simply typing something wrong… or using the wrong log in email address…

Ooo… I see it now!

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It appears that it was the auto fill. After deleting autofill and typing the info in, I was able to log in.
Thank you for your time, wonderful assistance and simply amazing product.