Fun link on Halo sound design

I always enjoy these types of videos:

Maybe this will inspire anyone who likes to record sound/music and/or orchestrate like I do.

This is UBER-fantastic!

Thanks for the link @dorpond :sunglasses:

This is my life! :smiley:

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Did I see Katee Sackhoff in there?!?!

I like the skip fraction thing he mentioned…

Being able to control the frequency that a sample is randomly chosen would be nice…

Though… you can do this already by putting some samples in the Playlist more times than other samples… but that is a bit crude.

I Like how the guns far away sounded different than up close. You could do a lot more with Syrinscape if we could adjust EQ or even have a high/low cutoff setting. For example, I’d love to use existing thunder and lightning sounds, cut the high end, and now the storm would sound wonderful while hearing it from within a house.

Whatever you can do to prevent uploading of 30 different variants of the same sample, would be beneficial to you, especially since you are probably paying some cloud service per gigabyte of storage.

Along the same lines would be the ability to speed up or slow down a sound.

Upload a normal set of footsteps and then slow it down to get a giants footsteps, or speed it up for a halfling a footsteps. More flexibility with less work.

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Yes, a basic time/shift pitch could be a setting under the sample entry in the Playlist… because… maaaaaaybe Unity has sample playback sample speed built into sample loud up already!

…checking the internets…

…OMG Yes,
It’s actually quite straightforward…!

I loved the video. It reminded me of watching a making of Star Wars show about the audio used. It got me started in my love for audio. It also brought back memories of working on an audio class assignment and listening to sound effects forward and backwards, fast and slow trying to find the right sound effects. I miss those days.

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