Frustration with Discord & Syrinscape


Please just allow me to vent my frustration.

I love what Syrinscape adds to our once-to-twice-a-month game of D&D we play using Fantasy Grounds. The players think it adds a lot as well. It’s a great product and I appreciate the work and enthusiasm surrounding the work. However, sigh, this is the third time that a gremlin has caused an issue with it working. The first time it stopped I eventually had to uninstall and reinstall everything (e.g. virtual cables, Voicemeeter, etc.). That resolved it. The second time, I had to keep jacking with the virtual inputs until magically it decided to work. This time, I can’t get it to work again and it’s frustrating.

I know it’s not Syrinscape’s issue. They don’t make the 3rd party programs I’m using. However, I’m too old and don’t have the patience to uninstall/reinstall or spend an hour or two every time I lose the functionality. And that sucks because I think it adds a lot to our gaming. Of course it could be something with my hardware, but if so it’s the only issue I’ve had with my computer. Everything else works flawlessly.

So, I’m giving up for now (after another 2 hours invested) and am going to drink some bourbon. I will have to tell my players I couldn’t get it to work (again). And then I will likely unsubscribe until there is a more reliable way to connect your product to 3rd party voice tools.

Again, not blaming Syrinscape. I’m just sad about it, honestly. Thanks for letting me vent.


If you read through the forums closely you will find, that the Master/Minion Player, Syrinscape’s own solution for audio delivery, is almost done. This will solve all your problems bringing the sounds to your colleagues virtual gaming table. So you can use Discord as a solution for voice transmission and the MMPlayer to transmit sound. :wink:


Apart from that 9as expressed by @new_vision) I had all sorts of problems with FG+Syrinscape+Discord, which is why I use FG+Syrinscape+TeamSpeak, and why I wrote the DOE: Sound manual and the FG Wiki entry with TeamSpeak and not Discord.

Food for thought?

I really do hope you get things working properly, and am happy to answer any questons you may have, here or on the FG Forums.

Good Luck :smile:


Really sorry to hear that. I’m on spring break with the family, but I’m happy to try and help. I’ve worked with sound setups a lot for FG and discord and Voicemeeter. If you’re around this weekend I might be able to help. In the meantime,if you want some help, feel free to join my discord and send me some PM’s with screenshots of your Voicemeeter setup and discord settings and your windows default recording/playback devices and I might be able to help before then!

I know it can be very frustrating.

Edit: Just read your post again and I apologize if I overstepped offering to help. I see that you wanted to vent! I completely get that too. If you do want help I’m happy to help you, but also understand if you are at a point where you just want to take a break until Master/Minion is fully launched.



All, thank you for the responses. I saw some references to the Master/Minion back in December but have not researched it past that (but will now – thank you). @Dulux_Oz, we were discussing moving toward TeamSpeak as a possible solution but were unsure about being able to use a “Soundbot” via a second client instance of TS. My buddy was also trying to find the server software so we could have a private server set-up…and that’s where we left it. It sounds like this may be an option now, but the long-term solution will be the MMPlayer.

So, thanks again. I’ve recovered from my depression. :smile:


@Dulux_Oz, I do have a question. We use your DOE extension for sound (and it’s awesome, so thank you for doing that). We think our play is enhanced by the auto-generated sounds (e.g. spell casting sound effects, sad trombone with a roll of 1, etc.). I enhance sometimes with the various themed music, but we can always count on the DOE to sometimes surprise us with what it plays. So the question is…

Any idea how your DOE will work with the MMPlayer? My assumption is that it currently would not work. If it does, then great!! If not, have you had a chance to figure out what would be involved?

Thank you for your insight.


The DOE: Sound will work with any sound player, provided that that sound player can be controlled via a URL.


Okay, thanks.

Just to share with those who may be somewhat clueless (like me). I have the Master/Minion Player (beta) and am just playing around with it. I don’t see where I am able to pull the URL’s from the Master UI screen. I looked at the HTML to see is I could pull it out of there, but I’m really a novice and was hoping for some dumb luck. Long story short, the Master/Minion Player seems to work and I love the concept, however the only sounds I can trigger are those where I manually click in the Master UI interface. In other words, I am unable to get a link that the DOE: Sound extension can use to automatically play based on a trigger.

If I understand the process correctly, this means that once I figure out how to get URLs (or if Syrinscape makes that possible) that all of the links will have to be re-created in order for it to work with the Master/Minion Player.

If I’m misinterpreting anything, some please let me know. Thank you!