Friends to Enemies

Hello folks,
I’m looking for some music elements that sound kinda mournful for my sci-fi game. Friends are now set to be on different sides of a conflict/war, so they’re having one last shared experience together before they go off on opposite sides. Anyone have any recommendations for something that might sound appropriate?

As always, any and all assistance given is greatly appreciated.

I’ll have more of a think about this, but straight off the bat, have a good look in the Strahd content… lots of quite awefully depressing stuff in there! :smiley:

As well as Shadows of Esteren - Dearg - there are a lot of excellent tracks in that one.

Also, the Romance set has a couple that may suit, oddly enough. Pensive - Ileosa’s theme and Dark - Love theme have a melancholy air that may suit.

In Curse of Strahd - Into the Mists - Music for Stanimir’s Tale may be of use. Or in Cos - Main Floor - Tales of Ravenloft also may work.

I hope that helps!