Free Syrinscape API For Encounter+ VTT

I’m freely publishing my Syrin2Encounter+ Module Builder for others Syrinscape subscribers to use.


If you are a Syrinscape Online subscriber and use Encounter+ as your VTT on an iPad or Mac, then this is a MUST USE tool. It allows GM’s to easily export and place remote control links from their Syrinscape Online Master Interface right inside Encounter+. You can even drag and drop Moods and Elements on your campaign maps inside the Encounter+ app for easy access during the game.

  1. Export your CSV from from the Online Master Interface
  2. Process your CSV through the online Syrin2Encounter+ Module Builder
  3. Import the generated .module file into the Encounter+ VTT iPad app .

Tip: Works very well as a Dashboard player on an iPhone too. Just download Encounter+ from the app store and import (open in) the generated module into the app on the iphone and have easy remote control access to all your soundsets in an easy to use interface.

Hope you all like it. It’s been a huge help for me.


Oo! Sounds interesting!

So only iPad and Mac so far?

Does Encounter+ work for PC?

WANT TO TRY! (but don’t have Mac) :sleepy:

Oh, hang on, I have an iPad… I can try that! Derp! :smiley:

So Encouter+ is built for GM’s. It allows a GM to share it’s VTT with players through any Browser or Apple TV. Perfect for games on a TV table or Virtual meetings. Additionally, it is Ideal for planning and organizing campaign material in one place and placing tokens on campaign maps, so that a GM can run their campaign from a Map perspective. I use it for all my campaigns. It’s a whole lot better than just prep notes. It also has the added benefit of completely managing combat and initiative.

Perfect for an iPad!

With my interface, a GM can now organize their Syrinscape content with the rest of their Encounter+ campaign materials on their iPad.

I personally like to use a separate laptop or PC to host virtual game conference calls. Monitor what my players see in the browser, and pull up D&D Beyond references. Mainly because my iPad only has one screen, and Encounter+ app takes up all of it when I am running a game.

Let me know what you think of my remote controls. My next release will include playback volume controls. Currently I have it set to just play Moods and Elements with one click, but I did implement maximizing the volume for individual Elements being remotely played because I noticed that when calling an element, it plays back at it’s last volume level, which may be set at a very low volume.

Hi there!
The link no longer works. Is there a problem or is the module no longer maintained?
Thank you!

What VTTs does this work with currently?
Does it work with any of the campaign managers like Kanka, Legend Keeper, Arkenforge, etc?

There are a couple I know it works with as follows:

Fantasy Grounds Unity - There are a couple of extensions that will allow you to control syrinscape and trigger sounds based on text that comes through chat. You still need to send sounds to players though through discord, etc… There is not native audio within FGU.

Foundry - There is a module (Syrincontrol) that allows you to use syrinscape. There is an alpha version of this module that allows you to play that audio natively within Foundry which is amazing. The “standard” module right now doesn’t have this integration.

Hope that helps.