Founry VTT & Jitsi

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a link on how to set up a jitsi “bot” that will be able to play syrinscape sounds.

You will need to have the jitsiRTC module installed for it to work in Foundry. I use a MacBook and the instructions are pretty much the same once you have the VB cable installed.

For your bot to attend the meeting you will have to copy and paste the link for the its meeting in the configuration of the jitsi module in Foundry. I don’t know if I explained it well, but I hope this helps other people using Foundry and want to use the awesome sounds from Syrinscape. Any questions or need help don’t hesitate to ask.



Forgot to mention this uses the base syrinscape app not the online player.

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Thanks @bnelson52 :slight_smile:

Hey @Steve, can we take a good look at this so we can share etc?


Great post. Unless I’m misunderstanding, this is the way folks have been using VM/VB-cable and syinrscape for some time. The trick is simply to make sure the conference service you use plays in stereo for best quality. I’ve used this method for discord, guilded and other several services. Jitsi might be better if the sound is in stereo but its the same concept.

VDO ninja (formerly obs ninja) is another program I’ve done this with that has great sound quality. Nicely done!

Here is a link to a video ben/steve if you want to review. You could use jitsi or VDO ninja for sound and for conference and video if you want.

The video is a bit dated as it was from last year and VDO ninja has changed a lot but the concept is the same.

To clarify, the reason this method doesn’t work well for disccord is that the audio is mono, but there is another workaround for discord as well. Many options!

Definitely! Yes I shall take a look, thanks @bnelson52 :grin:

I’m really glad that it can help folks.

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