Foundry VTT Connections?

I just moved to and it is amazing. I am getting into the ambient sound. Is there a way to link foundry vtt to the dominant sound from An app? A json? Github magic? Some superheroes of sound?

I love it too for the rulesets FantasyGrounds doesn’t officially support. I’ve been creating Shadow of the Demon Lord in Foundry VTT using Sandbox and so far its been awesome. About ready to run my first game. I think the sound integration has been discussed before (but I’ll let Ben or the team chime in) but at this time I don’t think it is possible. I would love to see it as well!

Foundry Workshop is making a Syrinscape control module for FoundryVTT! I’m not subscribed at the tier to be able to access it yet (it’s only version 0.0.3 right now!), figure I’ll get the rest of FoundryVTT working first. I’m super stoked to see these two tools integrate though!

P.S. Hi Gwyd!


Holy Smokes!!! I need to look at that…

Hmm… Confusing as to what level you need to be at tubadude08. Is it the $5 tier or the $10 tier? Do you know? I’m intrigued… Nvm… I see I would need to be at the $10 tier. I think I will just stay tuned but very exciting.

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Wow, this is amazing news! I’ll watch out for that one!!

Is it like in built controls that use the Remote Control features of the Online Player to make it work without having to navigate out of Foundry? Because that would be a GOOD thing. :slight_smile:

You will need to be at the 10 dollar level and the module is still VERY tetchy currently as of RIGHT NOW. The portion of the module that connects the csv to the Foundry is giving the amazing bomb-ass programmers a bit of a run against anger management. But it looks like you will have localized sound as you cross the map,…so all those places on the Avernus Map that crazy-talk will activate as you move your curser token to those spaces. Very cool. All those infernal engines will kick up as you walk past them. All those voices and sounds we have all come to enjoy can be aimed to localized sounds that seem to be okay with overlapping sound just the way Syrinscape intended. We are in awe of Ben’s masterful skill and Eadorin’s knowledge inproper integration.


Wow! Yes! That is very cool!

All of this, in fact, sounds really amazing!

get it…




…Get out…


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(door closing)

Y’all figured it out yet? Are you close?


Sounds great, but it looks like (1) there’s no way to read its info page without already becoming a Patreon supporter, and (2) I’d like to get an email update when there is an update but currently there is no way to do that. :frowning: