Foundry + Syrinscape = Possible Interim Fix


Hey everyone!

So, I was just thinking, we have all these amazing sounds from Syrinscape, and I know if we use the desktop app then they have to be stored somewhere locally on our computer… So, if we have a SuperSyrin sub, or if we own sound packs, is there any way to have easy access to these files so we can manually upload them to Foundry until there’s an legitimate, reliable, integrated option?

I know this means bypassing Syrinscape’s software to use the files, so none of the cool sound-mixing and randomization, etc., but I think it’s the best half-way option available to use Foundry’s built-in audio streaming to players and localized ambient sounds on the map. I found the Syrinscape files on my computer, but I’d rather do it “legitimately” through Syrinscape if possible, and it would be easier than going through all the thousands of randomly titled ogg files to find what I’m looking for, name it the same as in Syrinscape for easy reference, etc.

The other alternative, which I don’t like, is stop being a Syrin sub and instead join a similarly priced Patreon or something where they release audio you can upload into Foundry. I’d much rather support Syrinscape and continue enjoying all the great sounds I’ve accumulated so far!

PS: To avoid any “Just use Syrinscape Online” comments, please note that this post assumes the individuals desiring to do something like this either can’t or don’t want to use the Syrinscape Online system. I know for streaming, like myself, it’s much easier, simpler, and more reliable to be able to use Foundry’s built-in system rather than Syrinscape Online. I used Syrin Online for many months now.


The obvious prob I see here is:

  1. subscribe for 2 months
  2. download all the Syrinscape samples
  3. import them into Foundry
  4. stop subscription
  5. Syrinscape goes out of business because they have no income
  6. people have fewer good sounds

I think a better option would be:

  1. Foundry devs to work on the great sort of integration that Fantasy Grounds people have built
  2. Syrinscape makes it easier to invisibly and easily, Download/install/run/link and join for GMs and players

We are working on 2)

I gather people are working on 1)?

And I guess strictly speaking, extracting samples from our Cache would indeed be in violation of the user agreement that people agree to… and certainly if people built functionality to do this and shared it… hmmm… that wouldn’t make me brilliantly happy.

That said… let’s keep trying to find the best solutions here. :smiley:


In fact… I get the distinct feeling there’s been QUITE a lot of misunderstand of what is possible with Syrinscape and remote control… wanna start a new thread and ask some questions and make some requests etc.

AND this:

  1. in terms of making the Syrinscape side easier, MY vision is a Zoom-call-type-link, a single click that runs Syrinscape, links you to the game all in one go AND THEN, like you can in Fantasy Grounds, you should be able to have complete control of the sounds without even needing to leave the Foundry environment.

Sounds cool?



100% agree. I guess there would have to be some type of DRM system for the files to authorize whether or not that person still had an active sub. Very much agree with that point. I don’t want anyone taking advantage of y’all by acting maliciously (which they certainly would).

What about people that “own” soundpacks due to long-lasting sub status. If they “own” a license to use them, wouldn’t that be justifiable to allow them access to the raw files themselves? Just curious your thoughts on this.

Thanks for the response. I know we all have the same goal here - using Syrinscape in the best way possible for everyone’s particular situation. :slight_smile: