Foundry integration

Hello wonderful Syrinscape folks.

In Foundry now thanks to the amazing @frondeus, I can add sounds flawlessly in to my games from Syrinscape which makes my games just that bit more immersive.

However for brevity and streamlining, I am able to just add a macro that triggers a sound from Syrinscape however to do that I need the sound ID to add to the javascript. It is a very small piece of script thanks to Frodeus but getting that ID, the two ways I know how is a bit clunky.

One is to show remote links then copy the sound then paste it and extract the id from the link and add to the macro.
Two is to download the CSV which is MASSIVE and I then have to find the sound then copy the ID.

Is there a way of just getting the sound ID from the Syrinscape moods/elements/one shots?

There is another option to search within Foundry that Frondeus has set up, but it is so much easier to be inside Syrinscape testing the sounds, to then choose the one you want.

Is the ID somewhere in properties or library or somewhere? :slight_smile:


I think I have found a way.

When you play the sound in the browser on Syrinscape in the browser address window thingy the ID is in there, I can just copy it from there. :slight_smile:



Exactly what I was going to suggest, so well done :slight_smile:

To be clear the browser address window thingy (the URL) changes as your selection changes, so you do not necessarily have to play the Mood or Element if you can select it.