For use over the internet instead of the table

In fact… Just between you and me (and whoever else is watching),

What would you think about contributing to a kickstarter to collect together a block of money for this one, and bring it further up the list.

It seems like it might be a logical one for crowd funding.

There are various different stretch goalable upgrades to the concept, and we can reward suypporters with lifelong free access to the feature (and stuff like that).



Totally in for this. I would back this kickstarter for sure!

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Same here, count with my support if you need more funding to further develop Syrinscape. Also, if you ever think on open sourcing the project and let the community contribute with code I would gladly do so, as I’m a full time Unity developer :smile:


We’ve already spoke on this but I think it’s a great idea and I’d be happy to pledge and support. I don’t really do much online gaming but anything that helps raise the profile and usability of Syrinscape is a win. If there’s anything I can do to help then just ask :grin:

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Please please PLEASE put together a Kickstarter for this - I found Syrinscape because I wanted a robust soundboard for gaming online, but as of the moment, it is not very useful simply because of the hurdles of trying to get 3rd parties to integrate (I am looking at you, Roll20). It is to the point I am not sure it is worth keeping without some sort of internet setup native to Syrinscape.

I know you’ve said the idea is a master module for the GM to install, and a player module each person in the group would also have to install. As long as a) the player module is a small system resources footprint for each to have, b) players don’t need any licenses, and c) the GM module can also work as a player module (for when we are not in the Big Chair), I think this is a perfect solution.

What do you estimate the amount needed to make this a reality?

Hi @dahgda,

Listen, I know you’re using Roll20, and I know some people really like the VTT that they’ve chosen, but I’m one of the Community Devs for Fantasy Grounds, and we’ve got Syrinescape working with FG right now!

I’m not saying change VTTs, but you might find it worthwhile checking out what FG does with Syrinscape - after all, the costs are the same/comparable these days and (I think) FG’s a better system - but I’m not trying to start a fight, I’m simply trying to help out by bringing another alternative solution to your attention

May all your rolls be Crits

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Has FG changed its setup so no need to fool with routers and ports? That has always been the sticking point for me, not everyone is comfortable doing port forwarding and such. Other than that, I like FG.

But that is a separate point, and this is about the larger Syrinscape community.

Regardless, I do appreciate the suggestion!

Its only the GM/Host that needs to fool around with Routers and Ports, and the amount of info both on and off the FG Website/Forums to help out with this is staggering, but yes, you’re right, it can be a PITA, and I appreciate that some people don’t like to have to muck around with that stuff.

Both platforms have their good and bad points - but when we talk about Syrinscape Ben (I think it was Ben) has said that Roll20 don’t want to know (at least for now), while I know that the FG boys do - and I wrote the Extension/Plug-In to do it, so I know it works.

You’re right, that type of functionality would be great natively in Syrinscape, and I can’t wait for it to be included - but in the meantime, there is another option.

Again, just trying to help :smile:

But no matter what you decide, don’t give up on Syrinscape - I know Ben has some big plans, and I personally can’t wait - and I’m sure Syrinscape will get there in the end


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I have to agree with Dulux-Oz on this, for Syrinscape to be fully compatible with the VTT’s they need to be able to work together. FG seems very keen to work with Syrinscape & I’m expecting that the next version of FG will have full off the shelf intergration. In the meantime there is already a really good and easy to use extension to allow you to use FG and Syrinscape (Thanks to Dulux-Oz’s amazing coding!)

From my understanding Roll20 are much more hesitant to work with others so it’s going to be much harder for Syrinscape to be able to make the program compatible, still obviously possible but it would be simpler if they could work together.

Personally whilst a lot of people do use VTT’s and I know it’s a rapidly growing market we have to rember that many of us still stick to playing the old fashioned way, which is what Syrinscape was originally designed for. Altering it to make it compatible with all of the emerging virtual systems takes time & money and at the moment there are still basic functions that we have on the waiting list, though the new search function is definitely a massive jump in the right direction!!

I have tried FG and I found it to be a great system and even without much technical ability I was able to sort out the port forwarding and it is just the host that has to worry about doing that. I’d seriously suggest giving it and the extension a try :grin:

I agree 100% that trying to make it fully integrate with all the VTTs out there is asking a lot of both Ben here and of the developers of each VTT - largely because not only do you have to make it work now, but you have to make sure it works with every update to both.

That is why I am so enthusiastic about the idea for Syrinscape to develop, on its own, an internet capable system. I would kick in $100 bucks or so to a Kickstarter to see it move forward. Ben has been amazing at answering questions (sometimes idiotic ones, which he is always still super nice in addressing), and I trust that if he decides to bump that to the top of the list, he will follow through with it. Of course, that takes a commitment from users to chip in and pay for Ben to put the time into such a project to the top of the heap…

Which brings me back to my original point - what do you estimate the cost to be, and what do we need to do as your loyal Syrins to get this to happen? :smile:

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The dev team is working on estimates and scopes and all that dev-y stuff right now!

Stay tuned! (I’ve actually been bugging them for an estimate for about 2 months now… but you know… things… GenCon… new versions… Creator… server straining from all the growth! All good stuff!!


I’m using Voicemeeter to incorporate Syrinscape into my Roll20 games. Works GREAT (and it’s free). :smiley: I just load all the players onto a separate monitor and hit the sound(s) I need from whatever library and the players love it.


Yay! @jhale1966

So glad it’s working for you!

Have you heard the new kc SoundPack… should work really well online… because it’s nice and minimal with lots of spikiness!

For me, the problem is Roll20’s audio is VERY hit or miss. We had a session one day where half the players couldn’t be heard at all, and one of the ones who could sounded like Alvin the Chipmunk on crack… I literally couldn’t stop laughing for a full two minutes, flat-out belly laughs. Finally another player told the player what we all were thinking, which was… no, no way, not happening!

But that could be part of the reason they don’t want to integrate Syrinscape, their back-end architecture might not be robust enough to handle it.

I’m still patiently waiting for the soundset creator on my Mac, so yeah, one thing at a time! This is something I would very much support when the time comes.

Ha! Fascinating insight!

Yes, might be safest to rely on our own dev and server!


I just wanted to bump this thread and say that I subscribed to Syrinscape for the main purpose of wanting to support this program, even though I won’t really be able to use it until this feature is released. I absolutely love what you guys are doing here, but you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your demographic by not having some way to connect to a host through Syrinscape’s interface. Personally, I would love it if as a DM I could subscribe and have all of my players join my session on Syrinscape and just have them listen to what I play; and I know a LOT of other people would love to have this in their games as well.

Keep up the good work, the world of tabletops depends on it!

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Hey @Horse, I know it’s something they are definitely looking into and I agree it would be awesome to have. I’ve only just started using VTT’s but know how useful it would be.

Depending on what VT you are using did you know that there is already an extension which allows the DM to trigger sounds on the players copy of Syrinscape if you are using Fantasy Grounds? It does mean the players having the same sets as the GM (or a subscription) but it works really well. There are also instructions for setting up TeamSpeak, Discord, skype etc. so that your players can listen to what you are playing.

Neither are as functional as a dedicated system but until we have that these work really well and I’d recommend you taking a look. :smile:

I can actually say officially we are beginning dev on our Master/Minion remote play system. Woot!

…well probably can’t say it officially… we’re probably meant to do that in some kind of Press Release (sorry PR).

I can say UNofficially that we ARE doing this! :smiley: :beers:

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Woot awesome!! (Damn 20 character limit :grin:)