Firewall is blocking online connection - RESOLVED


Hey there! So I live at a school as a staff member and recently the school upgraded their firewall. Just found out right before game time tonight that I can’t get the online player to connect. This has also been a problem with another software, TaleSpire. TaleSpire’s developer sent over a file to debug the issue; I’ll know something by Monday, I think.

I can send in a ticket to our school’s IT to add some exceptions, but what sort of exception am I adding? What do I need to tell them? Is it a proxy that’s being blocked? To note, they also are blocking my VPN.



Bump. Would really like some help with this…


@chris.h.sizemore there should not be any special firewall rules needed to use Syrinscape. We do not use any non-standard ports for anything. The online player and master interface and genre players all connect over standard HTTPS.

It’s possible that they have implemented a DNS server that is refusing to resolve “gaming” and other domains that they have decided are not appropriate for the school network.

You might be able to work-around that issue by configuring your own DNS servers (e.g. and in your computer or device’s network settings.