Finding New Soundsets Easier

I would like a way to know about the newest soundsets created. Currently, if I only use the online master interface and never frequent your website or forums, I have no idea that there are new releases, what they are called, and where to find them.

So I vote that the newest releases show up somewhere in the master interface - new releases or something, that shows the last 5 or so releases. It seems that over time, your soundsets get better and better, so yeah, I want to hear them when they come out! :slight_smile:


Yes. It might be good to be able to search by “recent” or something like that.

@sonofconan Thinks?

+1 on this. And while at it - could we please get a sticky thread in one of the forums - or even in a new forum category called ” news and updates” where you post a quick entry when new soundsets are published.

If I have one thing that I would like you to be better at it is communicating with your users. There’s no easy way of finding out what you’re working at, what you plan to release, when it’s released etc. I understand this can become a time sink - but at the lowest level - a sticky news and updates thread with a simple entry like:

“Rime of the Frostmaiden part 2 now avaiable”. Doesn’t take that long.

Please @benjamin

All of our new release and upcoming releases are shown on the Release Schedule

But yes we are also looking at other ways that we can make the new releases even more visible, one of the many improvements that we are working on for this year

I think I’m missing something with regard to that link for the Release Schedule. From what I see, it only talks about 2020 and nothing in 2021…

We are currently in the process of working out all of our production for 2021, so that list will be updated shortly. Some of the items on it listed as Winter are still in production and will move across to the 2021 board once it’s set up :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more generic playlists in 2021 and not so locked to certain adventure paths or products :slight_smile:

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