Finding Campaigns in the App - FIXED


So I’m real confused. I have the player. Im a super subscriber. I use a mac. I cant find where to save campaigns, or load them into my player. I see on the website here I found a campaign someone made for sunless citadel, which Im about to run tonight. However I see no way to export it or save it or even play it. Its just a list of soundsets It says I can drag and drop new ones into it but thats it. Is this a Mac issue? What am I doing wrong or missing? Thanks



Seems like I may have missed helping you in time, but here I am none the less!

You edit your campaigns under the “Your Campaigns” link at the top right of the Website when you are logged in. You can import campaigns people have made using the method you already described.

THEN to find you campaigns within the app, click on the “All Soundsets” tab at the top left of the UI and all your available campaigns will drop down there for you to select.

Does that work for you?

Import from creator to player

Awesome that did it thanks! I dint realize you could click that All sound sets button.


It was a hidden mystery within a pearl within a secret!

You have discovered valuable gold! :smiley:


no dice. so frustrating


@jimsimpson79 No dice?

More info… as in… literally no dice?! :smiley:


Sorry to thread necro, but I’m having a similar problem, but when I click “all Soundsets” the only options on the drop down are all, purchased, unpurchased, and installed.


What you may try: press the gear icon in the lower left corner and then press the reload button. Close and check again, if your campaigns are showing now.


Always happy to help. -D

Have a go now, I’ve hit refresh on your account.


That seems to have done the trick! Many thanks!