Fighting Game Soundtrack Suggestions


Hi, anybody know of a soundtrack I might use for a ‘fighting game’ style game? I’m using Fight! (2nd Edition) with some of my players to doa FF inspired game. I have music, but was wondering if there was a soundset with the right sort of sound effects (e.g. punches, fireballs etc.) all in one place? I know individually most of the right sort of sounds are out there, e.g. in the bar fight ones and general wizarding ones, but wondered if I’d manged to miss something more specific on either fantasy or sci-fi player? There are so many soundsets now, knowing what to even search is impossible.


Yes take a look at “Street Battle” in the Sci-fi Player. It’s a Mutants and Masterminds soundset and might work really well. You can also mix in some of the fighting sounds from “Oriental Tavern” in the Fantasy Player to give it more hand-to-hand sounds


Street Battle is a bit too- war in the streets sadly. Though some of the specific soudn effects in it are more appropriate.


Other sets with spells/fight sounds in them (that you could put together with either a custom mood in one of the stand-alone players or the SoundSet Creator) that could be of use:

Redact and Revenge (from the Hell’s Rebels’ Hell’s Bright Shadow) - with ki focus shouts and monk-like fighting sounds. Fantasy Player.

Spellcaster (male or female) - strange utterances followed by cool spell effects in various one-shots. Board Game Player.

Temple of the Jade Dragon - the Courtyard of Valor mood and the various training shout elements have some great fighting sounds. Fantasy Player.